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Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels

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Across Milton Keynes and the surrounding area, many homeowners and business leaders are seeing the benefits of solar panels.

To make the most of your solar investment, you need to make sure it’s protected from pigeons nesting on or underneath the panels.

Pigeons, seagulls and other types of birds like to seek shelter under solar panels, but they can cause excessive damage to this expensive technology.

Also, having pigeons underneath your solar panels can be noisy, causing a disturbance in your home and many sleepless nights for you and your family.

Accessing your roof and removing pigeons requires professional help. BH Pest Control can not only remove birds from your roof but also pigeon proof solar panels to ensure they can’t come back again.

Our team is highly trained and takes all relevant safety precautions, meaning our staff, your home, and your solar panels will be safe during the installation of your bird proofing measures.

If you have a pigeon problem and need pigeon proofing for your solar panels, call 01908 412488 for professional pigeon proofing services.

The Importance Of Getting Your Solar Panels Pigeon Proofed

Solar panel pigeon proofing might seem like an extra expense you don’t need, but the benefits of our service will far outweigh the cost to pigeon proof your solar panels.

Having pigeons nesting under your solar panels can cause a variety of issues, including structural damage to your home and solar panel array. Birds can dislodge roof tiles and block drains with nesting material, meaning you’ll have to pay more to fix the damage than you would to stop pigeons from accessing your solar panels in the first place.

Also, as more birds spend time on and around your solar panels, you’ll find an increase in bird droppings, also known as guano. A build-up of pigeon droppings on your solar panels can reduce the effectiveness of the technology by forming a barrier between the panels and the sun.

Bird guano is incredibly dangerous to human health, particularly if it dries out and is breathed in as dust particles. Another issue is that pigeons can carry bird mites, which can spread to humans and pets. So if you see signs of bird activity, it’s vital that you work with a professional pigeon proofing company to stop birds nesting under your solar panels.

Thankfully, BH Pest Control has extensive experience with bird proofing solar panels across Milton Keynes and the surrounding area. We have worked on a wide range of pigeon proofing projects for properties with solar panels across the region and use proven methods to effectively bird proof your panels and keep pigeons at bay.

Work With Solar Panel Proofing Experts To Keep Birds Away

Pigeon proofing services for solar panels are popular in Milton Keynes as more homes and businesses choose to make the most of this cost-efficient, energy-saving technology.

To ensure your solar panel system is safe from nesting pigeons and other birds, you need expert solar panel proofing.

BH Pest Control has extensive experience providing solar panel bird-proofing.

We use British Pest Control Association-approved methods to ensure we safely and legally remove pigeons and their nests from your roof.

Once the pigeons are removed, we can then use proven bird proofing solutions, including bird mesh and bird spikes, to ensure that birds stay away from your solar panels without damaging the technology or your roof tiles.

Alongside pigeon proofing solar panels, we can also help with rat control and wasp removal, so we can help with all aspects of pest management.

If you’re ready to get rid of pigeons nesting on your solar panels for good, then contact BH Pest Control today.

Solar panels that have been bird proofed in Milton Keynes

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