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Squirrel Control

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Having squirrels in your garden sounds like something out of a fairytale- think of their cute little faces and bushy tails!

Unfortunately, the reality is that squirrels can cause serious damage to your property and are similar to their close cousins, rats and mice, in that they’re a pest you don’t want lingering in your space.

Squirrels often nest in homes and leave urine and droppings around, as well as potentially spreading fleas, which can be a health hazard to humans and pets. When cornered, squirrels can become aggressive, and their bite is incredibly strong.

Like most rodents, squirrels have front teeth that never stop growing, so they have to gnaw regularly on hard materials. In the home, these might include structural beams, walls, doors and even electrical wiring, which could cause major damage.

For businesses, squirrels can damage property and stock, leaving you with a hefty bill. If your customers see signs of squirrels but not the vermin themselves, they might think you have rats, which could seriously damage your reputation.

Whether you’re a homeowner or a business leader in Milton Keynes, BH Pest Control is here to help get rid of squirrels once and for all. Our team of pest control experts provide safe, humane squirrel control services that will ensure these destructive pests are gone for good.

Call 01908 412488 to book a site visit and get expert squirrel removal. We serve Bletchley, Milton Keynes and the surrounding area, so get in touch for a free, no-obligation quote.

Types Of Squirrels In The UK

There are two main types of squirrels that live in the UK: grey squirrels and red squirrels. Aside from colour and size- red squirrels are much smaller than grey squirrels and are red as opposed to grey- the main difference between the two is the law surrounding their removal.

Grey Squirrel Control

Originally from North America, grey squirrels were introduced to the UK in the 19th century and soon spread throughout the country.

Being an invasive species, grey squirrels seriously endanger the native red squirrel population.

As such, grey squirrel control is legal in the UK, and we can set live traps to catch them.

We will also fill in entry points to your property and do everything we can to ensure your grey squirrel problem is over for good.

Grey Squirrel sat on a rock
Red squirrel sat on a roof

Red Squirrel Control

Red squirrels are native to the UK and are a protected species under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.

As such, if we find signs of red squirrel activity in your home or garden, we are legally not allowed to trap or harm them in any way.

The only option is to discourage them by blocking access points to your property, such as holes in your roof that might allow them to access your loft space.

Other ways to deter squirrels include removing food sources, such as accessible bird feeders.

How BH Pest Control Removes Squirrels From Your Property

When providing pest control, our first step is to check the type of infestation you have. If you haven’t seen the squirrels themselves, you might have mistaken them for rats or another rodent pest.

When we know that you have squirrels and what species they are, we can get to work. We will check your property for squirrels and remove grey squirrels from loft spaces and other places where they might have built nests.

Signs of squirrels in your home include squirrel droppings, chew marks and rips in soft fabrics like loft insulation, which can make perfect nesting materials. We will check for signs of squirrels inside your home before we seal the entry points to prevent other squirrels from entering.

Our team can also suggest that you conduct further squirrel proofing yourself, including removing branches from nearby trees to stop squirrels from gaining access to your roof spaces.

As a leading pest control company operating across Milton Keynes, we’re able to provide a complete service that ensures all squirrel problems we deal with are completely gone before we leave.

Contact us to talk to a member of our team about our squirrel pest control service and we’ll aim to get back to you as soon as possible.

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