Why Is Bird Control Important?

Have you considered why bird control is important? This article looks at the risks from bird pests, why bird control matters and the damage caused by nesting. 

Why Bird Control Matters

Every year thousands of pounds from the government’s budget are spent on cleaning up the mess made by urban pest birds. Some examples of pest birds are seagulls, crows, and pigeons. 

These birds use building surfaces in order to land, roost, and build their nests. Bird faeces is highly acidic and has the ability to quickly erode building materials. It can also be carrying one or multiple of sixty potential transmittable diseases. 

In order to prevent the spread of disease, as well as property damage, it is wise to install some kind of bird control system. This should be done before the bird problem gets out of control.

When you are planning a bird control solution, it is vital to know which types of birds are causing you issues. What are they doing, and how many are there? 

There are many bird control products currently on the market, but the most effective ones to help with landing, roosting, and nesting are the products that will physically keep the birds away. 

For flat surfaces such as roof peaks, parapet walls, and edges, we would recommend the use of products such as bird spikes or electric bird track. For larger areas, you should use bird netting in order to neglect birds from accessing the area.

One reason why bird control is important is that birds that create nests in warehouses can contaminate food production and inventory. Bird nests can also end up clogging drains. 

If lightning strikes near a bird’s nest, then it can be a major fire hazard. Bird droppings are also a common reason why people can slip and fall.

Damage Caused By Nesting

Common pest birds such as pigeons and starlings will often build their nests on roofs. These nets will typically be located within rain gutters and roof corners. 

They can sometimes be difficult for the naked eye to detect. If the birds are not removed as soon as possible, then even seemingly harmless nests can cause terrible effects on homes and warehouses.

Nests can cause drainage systems to be blocked slowly over time. This then leads to the collapse of roofs. The injuries that result from instances such as these can be fatal and cost huge amounts to fix.

Risks from Bird Pests

  • Illness – Bird droppings can carry over 50 diseases and ectoparasites that are unfortunately transmittable to humans. This creates a huge issue for restaurants, food processing plants, and residential areas. A selection of these diseases can even be airborne, and they can pose a risk to anyone standing nearby.
  • Property Damage – The mess a bird leaves behind can damage property in several different ways. Nesting materials can slowly block pipes over time and create fire hazards if they are located near electrical wires. Droppings can be acidic, which can slowly strip paint, and this could be on someone’s car or the trim of a property’s windows.
  • Accident Liability – In addition to introducing disease exposure, bird droppings are a common cause of slips and falls. This increased liability can be incredibly damaging, especially to businesses where employees and customers walk across the area where birds are often present.
  • Health & Safety Compliance – Aside from the constant risks and costs, there are several different government agencies that strongly advocate and enforce bird control. Failure to comply with their regulations can cause fines or temporary closure of your business.
  • Lost or Damaged Crops– Birds can be a huge nuisance to budding gardeners. Birds will swoop in and destroy backyards for food in a matter of hours. If you have been spending a whole season getting your garden just right, the vicious birds can destroy your work incredibly quickly.
  • Devalued Property – Nests and bird dropping are very unattractive features of a home or any other property. If birds are allowed to nest at a property for a long period of time, then the nest, as well as any ectoparasites and bird droppings, can devalue the property.

Does Your Property Need Bird Proofing

The biggest issue when dealing with bird control is the risk of contamination. It is a huge hindrance to everyone involved in the process. 

If you have ever experienced the horrible feeling of having a bird evacuate itself while flying above you, then you will truly appreciate what we are saying. 

Unfortunately, if you allow birds to nest within your property, then huge amounts of this waste can slowly build up over time. This can then lead to the further build-up of bacteria, cause damage to the exterior materials of your property, and make your building generally just look unattractive. 

By removing birds as soon as possible and combating the contamination, you can entirely eliminate the risk of infection by birds, as well as all the other health and safety risks that come along with pest birds.

Do you have a problem with bird pests in Milton Keynes? If you need assistance to prevent bird pests in your home or business, please reach out to our professional team today.